WARMER MIXTAPES #1452 | by Magortu Margai [Mags]

1. Ella Fitzgerald | Misty (Johnny Mathis Cover)
I'm a real sucka for Love and Romance and this song takes me to that place. I love the effortless approach, the riffs sends shivers through my body. Probably one of my favourite songs ever by one of my major musical influences. Ella is the biz!

2. Kendrick Lamar | King Kunta 
The vibe and the Realness is on another level. The Funk is truly alive in this song. So fresh to hear Music like this in 2015. Saw him at Wireless Festival and it was crazy!!

3. Sasha Keable | Memory 
I don't know exactly what it is about this song but I just love it, I can have it on repeat for ages. I just relate to it so much. I love her voice and the flow of the way she's singing, it's something vocally I could imagine myself singing.

4. So Solid Crew | Envy (feat. Ms. Dynamite) (They Don't Know Vocal Remix)
Hmm, this song takes me back to when I was 13/14. If you didn't know Ms. Dynamite's part then you weren't about that life, haha. Whatever you had to do to learn the lyrics - you had to just DO IT!! Takes me way back to Young Man Standing under 18 raves.

5. Rihanna | Pon De Replay 
I was 15 when I first heard this song. It was on the radio and I taped it so that I could have a copy of it. I just remember hearing it and thinking woah, this is different!, her voice stood out to me and I was into the sound as a whole.

6. Marvin Gaye | If I Should Die Tonight
Man, this guy, this guy is just exceptional in so many ways. With every second of the song gracefully killing my soul with his voice... Urgh!!! If you haven't heard this song please do yourself a favour and let yourself enjoy good Music. I'm just in love with his voice, once you start you end up listening to the whole album.

7. Spice Girls | Say You'll Be There 
It's mah JAM!!! Man, I can't tell you what this song does to me, like my insides just feel all amazing and full of Girl Power. The vibes are too high on this track. I was 6/7 when it came out but I truly appreciate it even more as I've gotten older. Takes me back to when Life was just candy floss, easy homework, playing out with my friends and performing outside my grandma's house.

8. Skepta | It Ain't Safe (feat. Young Lord)
Skepta, man, Skepta is my hero... When I grow up I want to be like him, unbothered and making Music that's true to him. It Ain't Safe is a tune I bang out at least once a week, there was a point when it was just on constant repeat EVERYDAY. This track is just a lot in terms of bars and Production. When this gets played when I'm out it gets mad!!!

9. Fetty Wap | Trap Queen 
This song right here is my song right now. I listen to it in the shower, getting ready and on the move. Feel Good Music that makes me want to dance.

10. Drake | Know Yourself 
Basically the song pops, it's MAD!!! The build up is epic. Drake understands his generation.

+11. Krept & Konan | Falling
Real, deep and honest. I love this song, the piano and the all round production is something I'm into at the moment. I'm falling for you and I can't hide it no more... Hmm, DEEP, it's mad!! LOL, it just rings True.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1451 | by Adam David James, Peter James Gebbie, Philip Charles Court and Nicholas George Iatridis-Jones of NYTCLUB

SIDE A | by Nicholas George Iatridis-Jones

1. Franz Ferdinand | Jacqueline 
The first track of the first album that I ever bought. I was about ten years old.

2. The Doors | People Are Strange
This track was perhaps my first realisation of how powerful lyrics can be. I can remember being played Strange Days by my dad when I was little, and how mesmerising Jim Morrison’s voice was.

3. The Jimi Hendrix Experience | Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
This song was the one that made me want to pick up an instrument and start playing. Who else better to idolise than the greatest of all time?

4. Sugarhill Gang | Rapper's Delight
The best bassline of all time.

5. Nirvana | Smells Like Teen Spirit
If a track could scream fuck you then this is it. Perhaps the soundtrack of my adolescence.

6. Bombay Bicycle Club | Overdone
This song takes me away to my happy place. Chilled vibe combined with Steadman’s captivating vocals are an unbelievable combination.

7. The Coral | Dreaming Of You
This record makes me proud to say I am from the Wirral.

8. The Strokes | Take It Or Leave It
The first time I ever crowd surfed was to this song. That moment will stay with me forever, magical.

9. Bad Suns | We Move Like The Ocean
I’ve never appreciated the drums as much on any song as this one, sensational.

10. Pink Floyd | Brain Damage
Haunting song, the only song to date to give me goose bumps.

SIDE B | by Adam David James

1. The Neighbourhood | Female Robbery
Since discovering this band in 2012, Female Robbery has been a real catch for me. I love the dark underground vibe, reminiscent of Lana Del Rey and this track sounds awesome live.

2. Sia | Elastic Heart (feat. The Weeknd & Diplo) (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Sia’s vocal delivery is flawless, but the main thing I love about this track is the beat and the use of samples that really locks into a groove that I can’t get enough of.

3. Miguel | Coffee
Discovered this track recently and it’s so chilled, takes me away to California.

4. Arctic Monkeys | Arabella
Alex Turner’s lyrics are second to none, but what I love is the conversational flow from line to line and Arabella tops the list for me.

5. Michael Jackson | Smooth Criminal
Michael Jackson was the man who made me want to be a musician in general. This song in particular has a badass vibe and I loved it as much as an 8 year old as I do now.

6. Prides | Out Of The Blue
I first discovered Prides opening for Foster The People at Manchester RITZ last year. This track stood out to me and I dig their new album, it’s rad.

7. Fetty Wap | Trap Queen
This song has been all over the radio recently so it’s hard to avoid, but I just have to turn it up every time it comes on.

8. Stevie Nicks | Edge Of Seventeen
My mum was a huge fan of Fleetwood Mac and subsequently Stevie Nicks, so I discovered a lot of her stuff from an early age. However, this song always reminds me of that scene from School Of Rock where Joan Cusack is served a stein!

9. Foster The People | Pumped Up Kicks
Love this band, and of course this song is just a classic. I love how Mark Foster had a choice between staying in the studio and writing a song, or walking 2 minutes 'round the corner to the beach because it was a nice day. He chose to stay and ended up writing this belter.

10. Nothing But Thieves | Itch
Listened to this on repeat when I went away with my friends to Spain for my 21st earlier this year. Was the soundtrack to Chaos!

SIDE C | by Philip Charles Court

1. Neon Trees | In The Next Room 
I come across Neon Trees as a support band in 2011 for Angels & Airwaves and they turned out to be 10x better than the band I paid to see. Tyler Glenn's energy in this song on stage wowed the whole crowd and won me over; amazing frontman, awesome band.

2. McFly | The Last Song 
Every noughties kid has had some form of McFly encounter; underrated musicians and talented songwriters. They, along with blink-182, Busted and Green Day, inspired me to pick up a guitar and drum sticks. McFly/McBusted put on an amazing show so be sure to catch one!

3. TRV$ DJ-AM | Fix Your Face 1 (from Fix Your Face mixtape, 2008)
Live set of Travis Barker with DJ AM at The Roxy and Coachella; it really is an eargasm with some of the genres and tracks that have been mixed... The drummer/DJ combo is killer and fun to play along to!

4. blink-182 | Anthem Part Two
blink's humour on The Mark, Tom, And Travis Show (The Enema Strikes Back!) live album first opened my eyes to bands at the age of 7 and taught me most of the curse words I know now. I'd make a point to listen to this song every New Year off my favourite blink-182 album Take Off Your Pants And Jacket... Tune!

5. Dave Matthews Band | #41 
I found the Dave Matthews Band years ago via Under The Table And Drumming - Carter Beauford sessions. His drumming techniques opened my eyes to a more relaxed style; I love playing this song in particular, so chill!

6. Rancid | Up To No Good
The Mohican has been a hairstyle I've had many times over the years, I'm Punk at heart but more open-minded musically nowadays. This song just makes me happy, I love it, the keys solo is the best, haha!

7. Hardwell & Joey Dale | Arcadia (feat. Luciana)
It's hard to keep me away from the clubs, I have to be strict with myself. Even just typing this makes me want to go; the energy of Hardwell songs is something else. Play loud... Or go to a club, stupid stampy dancing and hands up mandatory.

8. Filous | How Hard I Try (feat. James Hersey)
Tropical House has been a new love of mine and is something I keep up to date with - this is one of many on my playlist. Good vibes everywhere.

9. HIM | Passion's Killing Floor
Another of my favourite bands of all time, they're an acquired taste with their Love Metal genre, but they're awesome live and know how to write some sick songs; this being one of them. Channel your inner Goth.

10. Yelawolf | Love Is Not Enough
I've been a fan of the Alabama rapper since 2010 and this song was from that era off his iconic Trunk Muzik mixtape. One of the few rappers around with soul and feeling in their tracks and this is one of them... And no, no mention of owning Bugattis here.

SIDE D | by Peter James Gebbie

1. Gary Moore | Parisienne Walkways
One of my Dad's favourite songs, which was passed down fairly early to me. An unbelievable musician and a great song. I'll always remember sitting 'round and playing it with my Dad, brother and sister.

2. Twenty One Pilots | Car Radio
One of those songs that captivates you from the first second. Lyrically unbelievable and the way it builds is equally impressive.

3. Four Year Strong | Wasting Time (Eternal Summer)
A song written about the best summer of someone's life, and the soundtrack to the best summer of my life.

4. The Wombats | Let's Dance To Joy Division 
Local lads and the first big gig I went to back in 2008 aged 14. Seeing them live made me realise that I needed to be playing guitar in a band.

5. Jet Lag Gemini | Just Say How 
Vlad from Jet Lag Gemini is one of my favourite modern guitarists. His riffs and solos knock me over every time.

6. The Rocket Summer | Break It Out
A song that's stuck with me from one of the most talented musicians I've heard in recent years. Everything on a The Rocket Summer track is written and played by Bryce Avary and this is one of my favourites. The message of getting up and getting things done is one that has stayed with me since I first heard it.

7. All Time Low | Remembering Sunday (with Juliet Simms)
A sad song with plenty of good memories. A sunny beach/park/campfire sing-along favourite for me and my friends.

8. MGMT | Kids
All around great song and one of the first ever covers I played live. Hard to forget the conga line going 'round The Masque in Liverpool while my old band played this at our last gig.

9. Goldfinger | Superman 
One of the highlights from probably the best set I've ever seen live. Goldfinger at Slam Dunk 2015 will stick with me forever. Tipsy Ska-Punk dance/mosh pit.

10. Hands Like House | This Ain't No Place For Animals 
One of the first songs I heard from one of my favourite bands ever. I was instantly drawn in by the intricacy of all the individual parts and how so many things could possibly all work together cohesively, and it still amazes me.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1450 | by Dylan Taylor [dylan check] of Hominids

1. RicRob | Solamente Quiero Justicia
I first heard this song this year, roughly a month or so back. My connection with this track was almost immediate. I try not to draw any observing techniques from anyone else but myself, so the near and dear response I got from this track was very sincere. The elements found in this track are like treasure to me. The pure rawness of the tracks and ingredients made me appreciate the process that was taken to finish the track.

2. Tim Maia | Que Beleza
I’ll add to that with another favorite of mine at the moment. Like Steely Dan, Tim doesn't hold back the groove. Both Maturity and Pure Innocence encompass the track through its simple progression yet its complex stance in History, keeping it legendary, keeping it Timeless.

3. Stan Getz & Kenny Barron | East Of The Sun (And West Of The Moon)
As a kid, I would fall asleep listening to Music. Growing up listening to Jazz, I would play whatever Jazz record I was listening to at that time. Whether it was Monk, Parker or Wheather Report, these guys provided the soundtrack for my dreams. And maybe this better explains number 5 below. People Time by Stan Getz and Kenny Barron has to be one of the best live records recorded on the planet today. One of my favorite collaborations between any two musicians. The opening track East Of The Sun (And West Of The Moon) is pure bliss. Like two birds flying effortless through the air, Stan and Kenny go off, while staying out of each other's way. The most enchanting melody accompanied by some of the most heartfelt chordal voicing's you'll ever hear.

4. son.sine | Karuna
I think this track definitely defines me as a person the most. And still influences me to write Music till this day. Enough said, one of my favorite tracks of all time.

5. Saul Nieto | Freakform
For a long time the judgment was always: if the Music makes you fall asleep, it’s because it is boring. If you really rip that apart past the surface, it's the complete opposite. The Summer of 2014 I was in upstate New York staying in a cabin in the middle of the woods. At the time I was listening to this EP on repeat. Loved it, especially to fall asleep to. Thus coming to the conclusion, if it makes you fall asleep, it’s probably great.

6. dylan check | Off The Path
Gonna have to go with one of my own tracks as well. This track and the release it was apart of was, like all the Music I write, near and dear. Won’t go into details regarding some current circumstances... But it represents one of the most precious times of my life.

7. Hominids | Main Theme (Bike Chick Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Another one for the books. This track is the main theme to a short film entitled Bike Chick, in which me and one of my long time friends put the score together for. I took a recent trip to Boston in the Spring. Or should I say Winter. We were in the beginning stages of composing for the film. Under a gray blanket of of brrr and silk screen of haze, the elements all together in this track had me losing my shit. Nothing like it sonically, nothing like it musically. Gold was no longer to be found in Northern California.

8. Psilosamples | Psilo Bamba Gamma
Coming from a formal Music background and playing Live Music, I never really cared for much of the Electronic sounding Electronic Music. I liked this song because it encomposses everything I like about Music. All live instrumentation, but produced electronically. It uses the aspects I expect to hear myself, with the foundation that has inspired me throughout my entire life.

9. PARTYNEXTDOOR | West District
One time for the slap. My love for High School Auto-Tune Hip Hop jams is undeniable.

10. Teagan Taylor | Food For Thought
I always get to hear this track from a different perspective each time I listen to it. And each time I do, I’m always blown away. Its deep lyrical meaning and dense shimmering chordal progression captivate my focus time after time. One would think it is a forgotten Jazz standard dusted off, and brought back to Life... But no. The San Diego based artist continues to pump out some of the most authentic Music I’ve come across. And I’m not just saying that. Listen for yourself and experience some of the best Jazz work out today.

+11. Ximena Sariñana | Ruptura
The melody somehow streamlining my own consciousness, the lyrics, the narrative, and the overall feeling was generously priceless. A drop of Rock and Pop bliss crafted by the hand of a seasoned Blues aficionado. I reference back to this track every so often, for I never over-play this gem. For this beauty is the closer in my bullpen.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1449 | by Daniel Dorobanţu of NAVE, Moebius Strip and Thy Veils

1. Jon Hassell | Last Night The Moon Came
…Like an invisible blanket, large as The Horizon; a warm tide that offers the perfect conditions to float and marvel; a detailed and articulated transmission from a good friend's heart, whispered as a story, while surrounded by the quiet everything.

2. Aglaia | Shanti Mudra
After discovering this song, it became the soundtrack of my home for about 2 months. At a quiet volume, it played continuously and welcomed me when coming back from the city or from sleep. It floats like the air of a dream; usually it makes me feel as a greenhouse built from the vegetation it contains; gentle and discreet; or as a river, feeling the lands it touches; the sonic poetry of organic systems.

3. Brendan Perry | Voyage Of Bran
Enchanting guitar sound and the presence of a master storyteller and an unknown friend. Sailing the Milky Way; the World reflects into itself and we feel at home since we are and are not at the same time. The Flame winks.

From the ashes to the astral plain...
Where the Setting Sun meets the Sea, Brendan.

4. Harry Gregson-Williams | Burning The Past (Kingdom Of Heaven Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Blue Light of Dawn; Clarity of Air and Mind; Here and Now; Who is seeing itself through me? This question tickles; Warping the Body with Cloth; the Sky exhales Kindness.

5. Vangelis | Ask The Mountains‬ (with Stina Nordenstam)
Like packing lightly for a subtle adventure; fragile as Sunlight; hide and seek and whirlpools.
Please don't follow me along
When you read this I'll be gone.
Ask the mountains, springs and fountains...

6. The Cure | The Same Deep Water As You
Spellbinding melodies, ascending columns of warm air; let’s name it Architecture of Empathy, my friend; Water is Life; hearing the wood burning, the house is prepared for a guest.

7. Laurie Anderson | Life On A String
Metafloral Ikebana; a song that makes me remember walks I never had; floating newspapers in a city where Time flows oblique; sending postcards to future friends; inquisitive and generous; effervescent alignment.

8. The Moors | Moon Meditation And Prayer (Rioghainn Na H-Oidhch: Queen Of The Night)
I like to travel and explore my country and many times this song is my companion. Through a story told by the Wind, the World unravels itself as a blossoming flower; windmills and translucent glimpses of Time; invisible motions & Earth harmonics.

9. Kenji Kawai | M01 謡I - Making Of Cyborg (Ghost In The Shell Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Always enchanted by the choir performance in this track; crystals in caves; focused light; Just a whisper. I hear it in my ghost.

10. Bel Canto | Die Geschichte Einer Mutter
With the exception of a few words, I do not understand the lyrics of this song but I’m listening to it for many years… Again, the Wind as travel companion; looks like someone is searching something in a field of flowers; a story creates the world that tells the story; Beauty floats over the forests and the Green is wet, friendly and amusing; traveling from the city to the countryside, always going through layers of Reality; from the stove, the Fire tells me more.

+11. Jeff Buckley | Dream Brother
Always exploring the development of this song in reverse, and so it becomes a beautiful ascension; a great display of gifts and talent; Ocean of Empathy.

+12. Won Il | 제이의 테마 (Wonderful Days Main Theme) (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
The timbre of Moonlight; moving fast and not moving at all; I’m not here, all of this is for you.

+13. Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke | See The Sun
Sunshine sparkling in a golden haze, a gardener's delight, dazzling, defining the ultra bright that will come.

+14. Thom Brennan | Clockworks
Flowing with Time and out of it. Up a river, the incessant clicking of hands, welcoming the continuous Present. We share the same Mystery.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1448 | by Antony Ryan [Mugwood/rf ben]/(Seavault) and Robin Saville of Isan

SIDE A | by Antony Ryan

1. Autechre | Fold 4, Wrap 5
It's beautiful and clever. Just like we all strive to be but generally fail.

2. The Incredible String Band | Painting Box
You remember when you fell in Love and your sweetheart is in everything you see and feel and hear? This is that.

3. Aphex Twin | Goon Gumpas
The sound of getting married in the countryside. Seems like a silly song, but it's very, very pretty. Bucolic Loveliness from a man who also knows Industrial Grit.

4. My Bloody Valentine | Only Tomorrow
Pushing through the days, where the promise and fulfilment are only in the tomorrow. But it's not all hard work - a cartoon violin walks into the studio at 1m55s and sees what Kevin Shields is doing to his stringed instruments, yelps in horror, and scampers back out in the opposite direction.

5. Kraftwerk | Computer Love
And so, as well as inventing Electronic Pop Music, Kraftwerk also predicted Tinder? I've always adored the bassline/s in this - twangy and other shapes too. The whole song is lovely. And plaintive. I'm a total sucker for a plaintive melody. And talking of plaintive...

6. Isan | Kittenplan A
Yes, I know, I know - it's an Isan song... But this was entirely composed and recorded by Robin, my only contribution was a small tear and a nod of approval, so I hope it's allowed? Play this at my funeral please.

7. Radiohead | Codex
Seems to pick up where the gorgeous Pyramid Song left off, another watery grave. And if it wasn't moving enough, those plaintive horns in the middle. I've never been stirred by a single horn, but put a few together in that Salvation Army-style and you'll kill me every time.

8. Barbara Morgenstern | Fjorden
I remember Robin bringing this to my house on 10" back when it came out, I guess around 2000 or so. We sat and played through in silence. And continued to sit in silence for fear that speaking would release the lumps in our throats to floods of tears. Just so perfect, from simply pretty to gorgeous intensity. A record that could/should never end.

9. Depeche Mode | Oberkorn (It's A Small Town)
Simple, Pastoral Loveliness. I guess I heard it first in the mid-eighties - didn't realise it had informed so much of what I've done until recently...

10. King Creosote & Jon Hopkins | Bats In The Attic (Unravelled)
There's a bitter-sweet romance in unravelling, no?

+11. ABBA | Knowing Me, Knowing You
I loved this song as a kid and sang along with it (though technically, the cassette was actually Sounds Like ABBA cover versions) in the back seat of the car on family trips. But it took me 38 years to really understand it.

+12. Grimes | Genesis
This is for my wee son, because we heard it on the radio when he was a baby and the opening bars made his little face light up - so I picked him up and we bounced around the kitchen until we were exhausted. He loves Music of so many kinds, but the fact he loves a twangy synth bass-line, the black notes on a keyboard, vocals swamped in reverb plus a good bop around makes him a pretty good kid in my book...

+13. Harold Budd/Brian Eno | Late October (with Daniel Lanois)
And this one is for me. Whenever I need a river to drift blissfully down, this is it.

SIDE B | by Robin Saville

1. Electric Light Orchestra | The Diary Of Horace Wimp
My first ever band t-shirt was an ELO one. I was only eight so I think I probably enjoyed the graphics and the glitter more than the Music at the time, but fortunately they made amazing Baroque Pop so I'm not ashamed.

2. Dusty Springfield | The Look Of Love (Casino Royale Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Such sweet Sadness, what a gal.

3. Marc And The Mambas | Untitled 
More sweet Sadness I'm afraid. But no other song sounded like this before or since, and I love it for that.

4. The Raincoats | Only Loved At Night 
...And speaking of songs that are like no other. The real sound of Punk.

5. Ela Orleans | Light At Dawn
Some of Ela's best work sounds like being in the head of a woodworm having a bad hangover inside a dusty radiogram. Genius.

6. Maalem Mahmoud Ghania & James Holden | Bania
I wanted to include something brand new as it's really important to me to hear new stuff, and I love it when something finds a new switch to flick in my jaded old head. This is brilliant.

7. Brian Eno | Golden Hours
This is my funeral song. Along with Monkey Gone To Heaven, because that's a good atheist joke for a funeral, and funerals need more jokes.

8. Tortoise | Gamera
A really lovely piece of Music, and very useful for real-life DJing if you need to go to the bar as it's twelve minutes long.

9. Stereolab | Lo Boob Oscillator
Impossible to choose a Stereolab song, but this will be okay for today. I like that it's in two halves, a compositional tactic I've probably taken on board a bit too much.

10. Smog | I Feel Like The Mother Of The World
Because who doesn't, some days?

WARMER MIXTAPES #1447 | by Roman Litvinov [Mujuice]

1. Gloria Jones | Tainted Love
It’s crazy to hear the original version for the first time, after a decade of listening to covers and mixes, without any idea that this song is from 1965. So much love, still it’s tainted.

2. Public Image Limited | This Is Not A Love Song 
It feels like I like 80's rotten even more than 70's.

3. Daniel Avery | Naive Response 
Psychedelic and mellow, sexy, firm and crazy at the same time, especially the drop, this is execution in a good meaning.

4. David Lynch | Good Day To Day 
Even if this sound's a bit sad and disoriented, instead of all gunshots, it still feels like a really good day. Vocoded and auto-tuned, Lynch sounds pretty much like a regular one.

5. Luke Slater | Love
Like this song so much, especially if you slow it down a bit in the DJ set. It works even slower too.

6. Dan Deacon | The Crystal Cat 
There’s something very special about this one, it’s infantile and psychedelically deep at the same time, I do like these proportions, like song for kids feeding their heads.

7. Наталья Ветлицкая | Я Останусь С Тобой 
Weird, naive and very touchy Russian Pop from the 90’s. To be honest, I have no idea how would it sound for a foreigner.

8. Sparks | Tryouts For The Human Race
One of my favorite Sparks songs. I'm not really into pink jackets, but these snares and synths makes me dance.

9. Westbam | You Need The Drugs (feat. Richard Butler)
That's what friends tells me all the time.

10. Polyrock | Romantic Me 
If somebody wondered like me what if Modern Rock would be produced by a modern classic composer. 198? Producer: Phillip Glass.

+11. Grauzone | Eisbär
Modern German language sounds edgy, cold and sensual and sexy at the same time. I don't understand a word, maybe it makes it even more interesting.

+12. Sonic Youth | Superstar (Delaney & Bonnie & Friends' 'Groupie (Superstar)' Cover)
Amazingly deep and touchy reincarnation of the original masterpiece, also covered by Carpenters. Very close and careful interpretation.

1. The Sea And Cake | Sporting Life
Reminds me of the ...Plan tour after my dad died many years ago.

2. The Flaming Lips | Race For The Prize
Also my dad's illness.

3. Regina Spektor | Ode To Divorce
Reminds me of being broke and at loose ends after the ...Plan broke up in my early 30s. Some happy memories there actually.

4. Stevie Wonder | Creepin'
Reminds me of a time when I loved someone other than who I was with. I discovered this song then.

5. Traffic | The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys
Driving around my suburban hometown with friends at sunrise after being up all night, summer after we all graduated from College.

6. Sugarloaf | Green-Eyed Lady
Reminds me of my High School History teacher who used to walk around singing that infernal bass line.

7. Circus Lupus | Unrequited
Reminds me of my incredibly messy College group house room.

8. Death Cab For Cutie | We Laugh Indoors
Reminds me of our tour together.

9. Prince | Sign "O" The Times 
Whole album... Reminds me of a road trip to Minnesota for my mother's 50th birthday. I was 21. I think I tried to visit every single girl I'd ever known between Washington and St. Paul on the way, with like a 35% success rate. That was the only cassette I took.

10. Mark Morrison | Return Of The Mack
Reminds me of 90s DC. This could be a whole other list, frankly, a very long one. 80s and 90s R&B was huge in DC, so I grew up with it.

Photo by Stella Blasco Berlanga

1. Loney Dear | Distant 
Since I discovered this Swedish genius some seven years ago, I have been listening to his five great albums without a pause. I really identify with the atmospheres he evokes. Great arrangements, great Pop moments, beautiful melancholy. All his songs are excellent and also live on stage, Loney Dear has given me the goose bumps several times.

2. Joan Manuel Serrat | Mediterráneo 
Speaking of Warmer Climes… I have always had a strong relationship with the Mediterranean and especially with Spain. Catalan singer/songwriter Serrat made some beautiful albums in Spanish and Catalan in the seventies. Romantic, hearfelt, poetic and beautifully arranged.

3. Peter Hammill | (On Tuesdays She Used To Do) Yoga 
Peter Hammill inspired me a lot with his solo work, especially his songs about Love, Relationship and matters of the Psyche. Sometimes way over the top, but a great singer and a good example of someone who sticks to his own path.

4. The Notwist | Chemicals
I really dig the combination of Melancholic Pop with Electronic sounds and a lot of Texture and Harmony. This German band is very good at it. Love their albums Shrink and Neon Golden especially. I think you can hear the influence of The Notwist in Mist sometimes too.

5. Godspeed You Black Emperor! | Sleep: Murray Ostril: "...They Don't Sleep Anymore On The Beach..."/Monheim/Broken Windows, Locks Of Love Pt. III./3rd Part
I remember crying listening to this theme in 2001. Music that makes me cry is Music that obviously moves me. That’s what’s Music for. Besides, I love the Symphonic approach to this Music. When I was 15, I listened to Hard Rock and some Sympho. But this Music is darker, deeper and real. It touches me deeply.

6. The Divine Comedy | A Lady Of A Certain Age
Such a great singer and songwriter. Someone with style and a great sense of humour and sense of Melody. This song really moves me. My mother likes it too!

7. The Innocence Mission | God Is Love
I'm not religious at all, but this Music is so Divine, I can’t escape from it. I have been listening to some of their albums the past ten years and I’m still doing so. Minimalistic, but rich in Harmony and Sensibility.

8. Dusty Springfield | The Look Of Love (Casino Royale Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
I love the great compositions of Burt Bacharach and to me Dusty Springfield is the best interpreter of his songs. I listened a lot to this album Songbook (also Music by Carole King) and it partly inspired me to write the songs for the first Mist album We Should Have Been Stars.

9. The Beach Boys | God Only Knows
This was the other album I listened to when we were making the first Mist album in 2002. Perfect Pop album and totally ahead of its time as for the arrangements.

10. Morphine | The Night
I used to make CD-compilations for friends in the 1990s and used to start with this beautiful warm, dark and haunting song. A real, rather unknown classic, to me.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1444 | by Viktor Tverdochlibov [Karaoke Tundra] of Peťo Tázok, Santiago A Karaoke Tundra and Cabaret Noir Combo

Photo by Peter Sit

1. Mike Gao | Shoemaker
It's hard to pick up 10 all time favorites, so I decided to focus on my favorite tracks from the last year and a half or so... This one is from the Mike Gao's latest album and it's a banger!

2. Yheti | Twisted Korn Flip
Yheti is one of my favorite producers lately, I really dig his playful, witty and explosive style. This track with a sample of Korn's song is pretty wild stuff.

3. Kendrick Lamar | U
To Pimp A Butterfly is very complex (and in some way complicated) album. My favorite track is U - I love the flow and the sick voice. Very artistic.

4. 食品まつり a.k.a foodman | Mosquito & Clap
Those crazy Japanese! foodman is one of my faves. The name of the track tells it all - it's all about mosquitos and claps. Sick!

5. Raumskaya | Forty Nine
Russia has many talented Electronic musicians and Raumskaya is one of my favorites. Released on my own MEDVEDE label, this track is pretty Minimalistic, but very atmospheric at the same time.

6. Filtercutter | Torture Time
I'm a huge fan of Filtercutter, he makes unbelievably entertaining Music. This track from his (so far) unreleased album is pure club massacre.

7. Lana Del Rey | Fucked My Way Up To The Top
Kind of a guilty pleasure for me. Great verses/bridges/chorus and mainly the lyrics. Some lines sound pretty much like Battle Rap to me: You got nothing, I got tested. And I passed. Yes.

8. Karaoke Tundra | Okupant (Deech Remix)
This version by Deech from Slugabed's Activia Benz label is most probably my favorite remix of my own track ever! Futuristic Retro Delight.

9. Flako | Kuku
I never was a big fan of Flako, but I really like this joint. Sometimes I play it in my DJ-sets. And it works.

10. DJ Paypal | I'm Ready
My personal winner in the category Best DJ Name and his track from the Buy Now EP (great name again). Tribal Disco from the Parallel Universe.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1443 | by Linda Perhacs

Photo by Bill Funk

1. Julia Holter | He's Running Through My Eyes
Julia and I sing together and perform together often. She is young and fairly new in the Worldwide Music Arena, but she is incredible beyond words. You have to listen to her.

2. The Beatles | All You Need Is Love
Because I come from the era of the 60's and 70's I have some strong favorites from that era. All You Need Is Love and every other song they wrote... Love 'em all.

3. Joni Mitchell | Both Sides, Now 
She opened the doors for so many of us and influenced us all.

4. Leon Russell | A Song For You
Beyond perfect. Totally unique.

5. Genesis | The Cinema Show
The initial chord progression in the beginning of this song is one of the most astounding chord progressions in any piece of Music ever. It matches The Universe, it is so balanced. This is Genius level. It is stunning and ranks with all the best Music ever.

6. Sean Lennon | Dead Meat 
I really love this song. It is about You Get What You Deserve... It is really well done and it speaks The Truth.

7. Jonathan Wilson | Dear Friend
I love his improvisational work. This was my true favorite of his.

8. Connie Dover | Cantus
This is totally gorgeous from start to finish.

9. Beck | Morning
The harmonies are astounding... They go out into The Universe... The engineering on this album is beyond gorgeous.

10. Sisyphus | to be added
This song in particular is very unique. I love the way Sufjan builds the delicate choir over such interesting and dramatic percussion. Frankly, I love everything Sufjan does... He is amazing...

+11. Lex De Azevedo | My Soul Doth Magnify The Lord (with Christeena Michelle Riggs) (feat. The Millennium Choir) (Gloria: The Life Of Christ Original Soundtrack) 
This song is sung by Christeena Michelle Riggs. People have asked me how I have such a wide range of singing. I sing to this album almost daily. I sing with the baritones, the tenors, the altos and the high sopranos. It stretches my voice to a wider range and the beauty of their professional trained voices reminds me how to use the voice to strengthen it. At the same time, every song is a prayer. It helps me daily to meditate and pray more deeply. Since most of my Music is written inwardly because it comes from The Universe, I do draw on Prayer and Meditation for most of my compositions. I hear it inwardly and it comes like falling water... Like Rain.

+12. Opeth | Moon Above, Sun Below
One of my favorite great loves is Mikael Akerfeldt of the Swedish Heavy Metal band Opeth. Mikael is the sole composer of the Music and the lead singer of the Music. The Music is very complex both in rhythm, and fast changes between Power and Delicacy. I especially love his Nordic melody lines and the arpeggios. I am not able to listen to the Heavy Metal parts which are too much for my soul. However I do love the quick changes in intensity in his Music. I really like the song.