WARMER MIXTAPES #1267 | by Cristian Cabrerizo [Cris Cab]

1. The Rolling Stones | Beast Of Burdern
This is one of my favorite Rolling Stones songs. Beast Of Burden is the one of the best songs to unwind to after a long day. Filled with a lot of great guitar licks that help usher in this warm sunny Saturday afternoon feeling.

2. Bob Marley & The Wailers | Jamming
This is one of the first Marley songs I remember hearing growing up as a kid. This song really inspired me to dig further into Reggae Music, especially Bob’s Music.

3. Bill Withers | Lovely Day
This is the ultimate song to start off any day with. From the very beginning the bass line pulls you in and instantly surrounds you with positive vibes. Bill Withers is amongst my favorite vocalists and this song really shows how well he sang with such ease.

4. Paul Simon | Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes
This song is off Paul Simon’s Graceland album and one of my favorite Simon records. Simon was so amazing because he couldn’t be contained in any one form of Music. This song has so many amazing musicians playing on it. From the playful bass line to the vibrant horns. Definitely a song that can hang on any summer playlist.

5. Marvin Gaye | Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)
Marvin Gaye is definitely one of my main inspirations when it comes to writing Music and creating melodies. Lyrically Marvin was so great at putting you right in the center of the story he was telling. Vocally Marvin created a world without limits in which he stacked so many different vocals going in, out and on top of each other.

6. Lenny Kravitz | I Belong To You
Really enjoy Lenny’s Music because it combines so many amazing elements of Rock, Funk and Soul. In I Belong To You he talks about his Love for God. He speaks about his amazing and unique relationship with God. In I Belong To You Lenny admits that he would be nothing without his deep Faith and Love for God, but in a way that sounds as if he was talking about a beautiful woman.

7. Fleetwood Mac | Dreams
Fleetwood Mac was an incredible band and this song in particular shows just how talented they were. Dreams is actually a song that talks about facing the Reality of Dreams. Incredible vocals arrangements and lush garden of instruments.

8. Van Morrison | Into The Mystic
If I had to make a movie about magicians this is the song I'd definitely choose to intro the movie. The song is one of the coolest Van Morrison songs and seems to have a magical feeling about it.

9. Toto | Africa
I secretly like to jam to this song when I’m driving in the car at 1am just reflecting on the events of the day.

10. Mark Morrison | Return Of The Mack 
This song is the perfect track to start off any weekend. It's hard not to feel like P. Diddy on a yacht when this song comes on. Perfect song for any occasion. I really wish they made more Music like this.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1266 | by Christopher Soetan and Tobi Soetan of Sprawlhunt

SIDE A | by Tobi Soetan

1. Arcade Fire | Reflektor
Any mood, any day, any place, any time, doesn’t matter, I don’t care, I’m listing to this song at least once a day for the rest of my life. This song should have been longer.

2. Caribou | Odessa
I would certainly want Dan Snaith to produce the entirety of a Sprawlhunt album.

3. Kanye West | I Am A God (feat. God)
I’ll admit that the reason I love this song is because of the teaser with Rick Rubin. Either way, the second verse is like nothing I have ever heard.

4. Kid Cudi | My World (feat. Billy Cravens)
My favourite album by Scott Mescudi. Before the album was released, I had listened to the teaser on YouTube like 300 thousand times. The teaser video had 30 second clips of each song.

5. David Bowie | Lady Stardust
Lady Stardust sang his songs of Darkness and Dismay and he was alright.

6. Devonté Hynes | Palo Alto (Palo Alto Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
I occasionally listen to soundtracks and this song just makes sense. It easily tops anything from Cupid Deluxe. I still haven’t seen the movie, but I’ve listened to this song a lot of times.

7. Pink Floyd | Comfortably Numb
I really love this song. The second solo is amazing, and the song writing is nice. Sometimes I have dreams of myself performing this one.

8. The Replacements | Unsatisfied
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Alvvays | Archie, Marry Me
I only heard this song a couple of weeks ago. Very simple and noisy. If my name was Archie I would marry this song.

Sharon Van Etten | Every Time The Sun Comes Up
This lady can sing and play guitar. I don’t know what kind of trouble she’s in, but I really like the vocal melodies & harmonies on this song.

Kid Cudi | Man On The Moon (The Anthem)
For me, this was the biggest shift in Hip Hop. This is Kid Cudi as a whole I’m talking about.

SIDE B | by Christopher Soetan

1. Kanye West | Through The Wire
This song and Ghetto Gospel are the only Hip Hop records that have ever made me tear up or cry... In a very subtle way, you know? Something about it just touches the center right point of a kid's soul... I'm pretty sure it's the fact that he's rapping some personal/vulnerable/real life shit with his mouth half shut. Can't forget about that beautiful Soul sample though. Shit can change a human's life.

2. Clipse | Virginia
I remember walking into the Stussy Toronto store back when it used to be located on Richmond St. Downtown Toronto. If you ain't know... Google it. Anyway, all I heard was a Grimey, dark tune with what I thought was high pic he'd vocals riding the beat. I had no clue who the artist were or what the name of the song was, but I made sure I had I'm from Virginia in my head all the way 'til I got home. Googled it and voilĂ ! I had the whole Lord Willin' album. Shouts to The Neptunes on the beat.

3. Erykah Badu | Didn't Cha Know
I discovered this song because J. Cole sampled it in one of his earlier mixtapes. I really don't want to research what the song was this time in Life, but... This song really puts me in a relaxed state mentally and it seem like I'm always reflecting on my life whenever I start listening to. I start taking in everything around me as if I'm an alien that just dropped in Toronto at 7:16pm. Good shit.

4. James Blake | Limit To Your Love (Feist's 'The Limit To Your Love' Cover)
I'm pretty sure I was watching MTV Live - back when that was a thing. And the music video for it was showing in one of those MTV commercials that show a music video for like 30 seconds or something. Anyways, the soulful sound grabbed my attention and this is before I heard the full track. Hearing the other instruments come in just took my love for the track to another level. This was my introduction to James Blake. And he has never disappointed since.

5. Cam'ron | Down And Out (feat. Kanye West and Syleena Johnson)
I get approached by animal activists. I live in a zoo... I run scandals with savages. THAT LINE SOOO GOOD. That's one of my favourite Hip Hop lines ever. It just sounds so cool. I'm sorry. Besides the simple fact that it's a classic Kanye collaboration. From the production to hook to the verses. Cam is simply the man. Take ya girl, fuck her face (if you weren't weren't quoting that back then, you're probably one of them hipster New Age kids wearing the pink fur and cell phone Cam'ron tee, saying it now... WHILE twisting your wrists)... Bodyguard for what? Dog, I'd rather shoot. Classic Cam.

6. OutKast | ATliens
I remember my friend Logan telling me to check out OutKast and all their albums. This situation also made me realize that when someone suggests you to listen to a great artist(s) or great album you should never force it, you really just have to WANT to listen and take it all in WHEN you WANT to. With that being said, OutKast were one of those artists for me where I tried listening to their whole discography and I just wasn't feeling it all that much - it just wasn't something one could force or rush. The Music was too different to do that, you really had to take it in (like Sprawlhunt). Couple months down I came across the song ATliens while my iPod was on shuffle and from there Aquimini became one of my favourite albums EVER. I still randomly... And I mean RANDOMLY... Say my oral illustration be like clitoral stimulation to the female gender. So good.

7. James Blake | Retrograde
Just expensive. If that bridge or hook DOESN'T TOUCH YOUR SOUL!!!... You're the Devil's nephew.

8. M.I.A. | Paper Planes
This song just always... ALWAYS... Never failed to make me feel like a drug dealer that doesn't look like the typical drug dealer. A drug dealer of these days. You know those ones? Yeah... Don't ask me why. This is like the "end of a long day of drug dealing to hipsters" song. And of course the all I wanna to do is... *gun shot* x 4 is just really feels powerful to me. Probably 'cuz I always liked the *gun shot* effect or just guns in general. Also hearing it play in the Slumdog Millionaire scene made me like the song even more. It just made sense. Two years and some months later after taking in Arular and Kala, she's one of my favourite artists ever.

9. MGMT | Electric Feel
This is another scenario of me watching MTV Live and one them commercials that show a music video clip came on, this time it was Electric Feel. I was just drawn to it. The weird, Nigerian movie looking music video and the beat was just expensive. I haven't really heard anything like it before. It's really what started the interest in Indie Rock, Pop, Synth Pop, Experimental, etc. I remember I was so excited to tell my brother about it. Crazy.

10. Kendrick Lamar | Heaven & Hell (feat. Alori Joh)
I lied. THIS, Through The Wire and Ghetto Gospel are the ONLY Hip Hop songs that have ever made me cry. Pretty much one of the best songs to sum up my rapping style inspirations. Shouts to Kendrick.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1265 | by Dan Carney [Astronauts] of Dark Captain Light Captain/Dark Captain

1. Fugazi | Life And Limb
Probably the band that have meant the most to me. Consistently fresh, inventive and excellent across all of their records, which is incredibly rare.

2. Elliot Smith | Angeles
If I can just make one person listening to Astronauts feel like I always do when Elliot Smith sings no-one’s going to fool around with us in this song, then my work is done!

3. Mark Hollis | The Gift
Talk Talk frontman, taken from his self-titled solo record from 1998. The word genius is used too frequently in my opinion, but in this case...

4. The Impressions | They Don’t Know
Curtis Mayfield’s band before he went solo, from the year Martin Luther King was shot, and the first album they did where he properly took the role of front man. Soul Music at its rawest. And what about that guitar/bass intro!?!?!?

5. Arch Garrison | I Will Be A Pilgrim 
Title track from an album that has blown me away this year. Beautifully fragmented, Folky hymns to the English countryside. Distinctive and brilliant.

6. Robert Wyatt | Gharbzadegi 
Oh, that voice. Heartbreaking stuff. And we get so out of touch, words take the place of meaning. Never fails to get me.

7. The God Machine | She Said
I can still remember hearing Scenes From The Second Storey for the first time. It opened my eyes to the fact that Music can be crushingly heavy, but also minimal and introspective. The intensity of the second half of this song still takes me by surprise.

8. Marvin Gaye | God Is Love
I’m not remotely religious, but if ever anything could convert me, it would be this song.

9. Cardiacs | Jibber And Twitch
I’ve only picked this particular song because I’m pretty sure it was the first thing I ever heard by Cardiacs. Insanely original, and completely brilliant. I am permanently fascinated by this band.

10. Nick Drake | Pink Moon 
Difficult to pick one song, but this is the title track from his final album proper. I don’t really know what to say about this, other than – listen to it, if you haven’t already. Then go and listen to everything else he did.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1264 | by Kevin Griffith Sullivan of Earthly Circuits

1. Miles Davis | Blue In Green (with Bill Evans)
I started out listening to this as a kid doing my Math homework in Middle School. It's amazing how much is being expressed just in the chords. This isn't a modal track but it still creates a space that rotates around and doesn't resolve. The ambiance reminds me of a song called Jardin Du Sommeil D'Amour, but less static. Unlike that song, this one doesn't feel like it could go on forever. My band mate Will was a great Jazz pianist in High School. One evening his group played a gig on the slopes of the Huron River in Ann Arbor. I requested this song as the lights on the bridge turned on and with the color of the sky it was very beautiful all together.

2. The Beach Boys | Heroes And Villains
At soccer practice in 2004, my band mate Kyle gave me a CD bootleg of the '67 Smile. It was the first Beach Boys album I'd heard. The mini-suite structures of the songs is a big influence. It's unpredictable but somehow makes sense so I never get tired of hearing it pass through it's changes. I can remember playing this a lot at Halloween after I was too old to go trick or treating but not going to parties yet either. Years later I found out about Van Dyke Parks and fell in love with his solo work as well.

3. Van Morrison | Madame George
This song creates such an overwhelming and specific emotion when I hear it. I can't describe that feeling very well but it still feels vivid, it's full of details but also ambiguous. I don't know if it's a song about youth passing into old age or old age passing into Death or what. The only certain thing for me is that something is slowly going away and 7:30 - 8:07 is one of the moments in Music that gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.

4. Can | Future Days
This song creates a new world in Sound and a new style of Music to inhabit it. I find that pretty astounding. Where did this come from? I love how the bass often just plays one resounding note every other measure. It's so simple and so effective and a good lesson in how building a nice arrangement isn't about having the most interesting thing going on with every instrument but keeping in mind the overall shape and motion. The rhythm section, sound effects, mysterious instruments, constantly changing but repetitive structure, were all really influential characteristics for me. I first heard this record in summer '09, the same time as all the Chillwave stuff was coming out like Warmer Climes and Blessa and also that was when I started hearing Air France. As different as Future Days is from those, they do both really take you somewhere else that has similar colors to me, a lot of nice blue tones. I wrote a song called Spirit Of 2009 with Kyle recently. That was a pretty formative year for me musically and also when I started recording our first album.

5. Gas | Untitled (Track 3 on Pop)
I've listened to this piece of Music more than any other, by a lot. If there's a spectrum of Ambient Music where on the one side you have straight up Field Recordings and on the other you have Impressionistic piano pieces that sound like the Moon, this would occupy a really interesting position. The times I've felt too blue to listen to Music I could always still listen to Gas. Sometimes I can't stand Silence and the wall of sound here is so comforting.

6. S.E. Rogie | Do Me Justice
Every instrument in this song gets me so psyched. The hand clap sound is amazing. I want to do a cover of this someday, it's such sweet Pop Music and the style of the playing is just great. I've had a fun time trying to collect all the stuff I can find by him. I recently managed to get the songbook he self published in 1970 via inter library loan. There's also some great early singles on YouTube that don't seem to have been reissued.

7. Animal Collective | Water Curses
This EP is so concise and coherent visually like a little story. The title track stands out for me aesthetically among their stuff. It took me a long time to absorb what is going on and try to separate out the instruments. The textures are really bright and have nice layers. My favorite thing about this band is their colors and this song has my favorite ones.

8. Talk Talk | New Grass
Some songs set up a system or a world that feel like it always existed and we just stumble upon it for a little while and at the end the song doesn't stop - we just leave the setting. I really like when a song like that also has a lot of emotion in it which is the case here. I can't tell if it's dawn or evening.

9. Joanna Newsom | Emily
Ys and Astral Weeks go together for me. They're both overwhelming and have some kind of hyper-expressive literary quality that is almost like a genre of two. I used to listen to this album while writing but as it seeped into me it became too intense to concentrate. Some times with my favorite records I'll save songs for years before ever listening to them. I finally listened to Cosmia two years ago. Van Dyke Parks, again.

10. Deerhunter | He Would Have Laughed
I am a huge fan of Halcyon Digest and this is as good a climax as I can imagine. Halcyon Digest is very aesthetically precise to me and I find it really unique. The transition into the second section is another thing that does it for me every time. I could hear it coming out of a pocket radio on a busy street and I think it would still give me goosebumps. I love how confused he is, lost in memories. When I first met my girlfriend I played this on guitar and I think it helped me out. If I've noticed a common theme to the songs on my list, they're often built on repetition with lots of variation in the arrangements, and have long shifting structures in a crepuscular environment.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1263 | by Sebastian Bartz [Venice Calypso] of S.A.D

1. Ulterior | The Death Of Everything
This track is the essence of what I like in Music. Rough, Cold and Non - Human. It’s one of those songs that make you want take Speed and smash stuff. One of the best bands from the UK.

2. The Cramps | I Was A Teenage Werewolf
This is how Live Music should really look. The feral energy of Lux, supported by the stone cold appearance of Ivy. One of the best bands ever - I truly regret that I didn't have a chance to see them live.

3. Hindzy D | Target
Nothing really smells more like a London basement than this track. One of the best Instrumental Grime tracks I’ve heard. Fucking dark as fuck - as is Life.

4. RiFF RAFF | Wetter Than Tsunami
MY MAiN GOAL iS TO BLOW UP AND THEN ACT LiKE i DONT KNOW NOBODY... A bit of a different mood than the previous choices. RiFF RAFF is definitely one of my favourite Hip Hop artists. He brings something fresh and real to the genre. Someone make him a billionaire!

5. Siekiera | Ludzie Wschodu
This is an Underground band from Poland prominent in the 80's. They have a really unique sound, recorded at a time when Poland was suppressed by an oppressive government.

6. Bleaching Agent | 48ml

7. The Jesus And Mary Chain | In A Hole (Live At BBC TV's The Old Grey Whistle Test, 1985)
I liked their approach from my first encounter. I’m really not sure how many artists these days would have the courage to say that Joy Division was rubbish. A great rough sound that is still inspiring.

8. Genuflex | The Lost Gods
The newest addition to my chart. Another example of great Music relevant to our times.

9. Karlheinz Stockhausen | Mikrophonie I
Pure genius, pioneer and a man ahead of his time. I studied his Music a lot during my education in London and his work definitely influenced my approach to Sound and Music.

10. Krzysztof Penderecki | Threnody To The Victims Of Hiroshima (Performed by Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra; Conductor: Antoni Wit)
I had the privilege to witness him conducting this performance at the Barbican (London) last year, and it was one of the most spectacular performances I have ever seen.